International Law Lawyers

An international lawyer deals in international law. Amongst international lawyers, there are lawyers who deal in public international law and there are those who deal in private international law. Public international law generally refers to the rules that govern the relationship and dealings between nations. Private international law is a little more complex. It basically involved conflict of laws. As an individual, you may require the services of an international law on many occasions – even immigration. Immigration lawyer

If you are opening a business in a foreign country, you will be subject to the rules of that country but as a US citizen or resident, you will also be subject to the American laws. In such cases, international attorneys can be of immense assistance. An international attorney can review the laws of the foreign country and advise you on whether they will conflict with the US laws. Sometimes the US may not permit its citizens to invest in a foreign country. It is therefore important that before you invest or immigrate in a foreign country, you should seek the assistance of an experienced international attorney. An international attorney can advice you on whether there are any restrictions by US laws on your investment in that country and sometimes on their immigration laws. If there are indeed certain restrictions imposed by US laws, international attorneys can study the restrictions and advice you on your legal options. Sometimes, you may be able to legally overcome the restrictions by routing your investment through a third country.

International lawyers can also help you in litigation. Sometimes, you may have to file a lawsuit against a party that is not in the United States. In such cases, consult with an experienced international lawyer. The lawyer can review the facts of your case and advice you on whether you can file the lawsuit in the United States or whether you must file the lawsuit in another country. Likewise, sometimes you may be named a defendant in a lawsuit in a foreign country. An experienced international lawyer can assist you in such circumstances. International lawyers are generally members of various legal networks and as such they will have contacts and associations with lawyers in most countries. Website