Some Facts Regarding International Criminal Law

Attorney Zeb Ogueri : Thoroughly documented in history are some truly horrifying events happening in every part of the world. . A civil war in almost every country, two world wars, and the American Revolution are only a small portion of the list. Attorney Zeb Ogueri. International criminal law came to be so anyone to blame for brutal practices can be accountable for them. Those responsible for trying to uphold laws that will cross any borders are known as international law lawyers.

The intention of international criminal law was to discourage activities that are generally seen as repulsive or immoral. In addition, it requires retribution from those who commit these crimes. Genocide or getting rid of a culture or nation in its entirety, crimes against humanity, and war crimes are some offenses that are governed by it.

Previous to the First World War, there were some rules of conduct that existed. But once it was over, this specific type of justice was pursed much more seriously. The Allied Powers had set up the initial actions brought against the ones committing international war crimes. The power group was comprised of countries that united in the wake of the war, which included Great Britain, the U. S., Australia, Greece, and France.

Following the Second World War, the Allied Powers created a tribunal in charge of handling the numerous crimes committed by the Nazis. Another tribunal was made later down the road to deal with Japanese war crimes. In recent times, the atrocious genocide in Rwanda and the Bosnian war each earned their own tribunal that still operates today.

The establishment in 1998 of a permanent International Criminal Court, shortened as the ICC, was completed by the International Law Commission. The first of its warrants were issued around 2005. Agreements or treaties that came into being after the events started many international laws and these are upheld by the local tribunal or the ICC. Because of the horrible things that took place during the U. S. Civil war, it inspired a national conduct code for soldiers.

A huge contributing factor in the success of a trial and punishment of those doing wrong internationally is the United Nations group. The leader of the rebel force may have a physical punishment imposed upon them, as well as monetary compensation due from at time the whole country. Though the countries are dismayed by the tragic acts carried out on their watch, unfortunately most won’t be strong enough to ensure a punishment.

The international law lawyer, in contrast to say, injury lawyers, upholds treaties or agreements made, deals with trading regulations, and preserve the most basic of human rights. They will also represent clients in disputes with others in different countries or those finding themselves in legal trouble far from their native country. Laws these lawyers maintain cannot be confused with transnational laws, which may only affect a few states. Terrorism, money laundering, and drug trafficking are all examples of crimes that are subject to other rules.


Knowing there are professionals who are willing to dedicate their careers to regulating international crimes will make many in this world rest easier. The wrongs that were done may never be righted, but with the knowledge that someone can stop, capture, or punish those who are international offenders the public should feel pretty safe. Those that never cease in enforcing international criminal law deserve support, and the international law lawyer that helps with that deserves respect. Some Facts Regarding International Criminal Law .